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MOL is a portal for a wide variety of online games, products and services from around the world. From purchasing flowers to online game credits, MOL's goal is to provide you with the widest range of products available on the internet through our flagship product - zGold-MOLPoints. zGold-MOLPoints is an online currency that can be used to purchase products from our online portal and the portals of our partners.

GamesHive is thriving community of online gamers from around the world. GamesHive acts as a gateway for gamers to interact with each other to improve their online gaming experience and also serves as a one-stop portal for gamers to purchase their gaming credits through the use of zGold-MOLPoints.

zGold-MOLPoints is an online micropayment system developed and operated by MOL AccessPortal Berhad. This payment system enables consumers nationwide to purchase products and services through the MOL portal and pay for their purchases at over 540,000 channels across more than 75 countries worldwide WITHOUT the use of a credit card.

  1. Convenience – Reload your zGold-MOLPoints at anyone of our physical, online or mobile payment channels. With 540,000* payment channels in over 75 countries worldwide, you will be able to Reload your zGold-MOLPoints how you want, when you want.
  2. Variety – MOL boasts over 200 online games, products and services available with zGold-MOLPoints. Now you can purchase everything you need with one online currency.
  3. Real Time – All your purchases are processed in real time, meaning that your order will be processed straight away and immediately delivered to you.
  4. Customer Care – We have dedicated customer care agents who are available to assist you through Online Chats or Phone with whatever you need.
  5. Exclusive invites and goodies for all our MOL Members from as closed beta invitation for soon to be released online games and exclusive in-game items.

You can register for a free MOL Member Account on our website or by click HERE. Fill up the form and an email will be sent to the email you provided. Simply click on the link provided in the email sent by MOL to validate your account and you're done!

Account with no transaction (no top-up and/or monetary utilization) for twelve (12) consecutive months

1. Within the first 6 years, inactive accounts will not be suspended so that users can still use their account for top up purpose

2. On the 7th year of inactivity, the account will be suspended and if the user wish to re-activate the account, Please contact our customer care at 03-2082 1222 or email us at customercare@mol.com

Please refer to Terms of Service. For more information, kindly refer to Terms of Service page. CLICK HERE

Click HERE to recover your password.

For Internet Banking and any other Alternative Payment Methods, once payment has been made, your zGold-MOLPoints will be credited to your account automatically.

For purchases through Physical Outlets, simply login to your MOL Member account and click on the outlet where you purchased your zGold-MOLPoints under the zGold-MOLPoints Reload tab. Enter the serial number and PIN from the printout slip you obtained and click submit, your reload order will be processed and your zGold-MOLPoints will automatically be credited into your account.

Just click on the product you wish to purchase, select the denomination (if applicable) and click buy. Then, enter your MOL Member username and password to confirm your identity.

If you are already logged in, simply click buy and re-enter your MOL Member password on the confirmation page. Kindly note that once an order is submitted and processed it cannot be reversed.

No. You can only reload and make purchase using the selected currency as per your MOL account.

For online game products and telecommunication reloads, you will get the product's serial number and PIN (if applicable) immediately. Immediate response would also be for travel & leisure bookings and domain names purchases. For flowers & gifts, pick-up & delivery service, movies and magazines, there will be some lead time for delivery and confirmation. For mobile content, it will be sent to your mobile phone and lead time will be dependant on your mobile service network.

A zGold-MOLPoints Transaction Confirmation Email containing your serial number and PIN code will be sent to your designated email address upon completion of a successful transaction. The main reason some of our users do not receive their zGold-MOLPoints Transaction Confirmation Email is because it has been blocked by an overzealous spam filter. Please check your junk/spam folder, before contacting the MOL Customer Care if you do not receive your MOL Confirmation Email.

Add the following email addresses to your contact list/address book.


Open up your Spam/Junk folder, select the zGold-MOLPoints Transaction Confirmation Email and select the option "Not Junk/Spam". Now your zGold-MOLPoints Transaction Confirmation Email should appear in your inbox.

First, login to your MOL Member account and click on Transaction History. You will be able to view the last 3 transactions. Identify which transaction that you wish to recover.
If the transaction is not displayed, click on Show Previous Transactions or Show All Transactions to search for the transaction that you wish to recover.

After you have identified the transaction you wish to recover, click on Display PIN and a pop up will appear. Enter your MOL Member account password and click on continue. The serial number and PIN for that transaction will be displayed.

Kindly follow the above instructions to recover the product's transaction information and verify that you have the correct serial number and PIN. Do ensure that you enter the serial number and PIN correctly to the game operator's website and as required.

If you are still unable to use your product, visit our Customer Care Center for further assistance.

After purchasing the game product, you will receive a serial number and PIN for the game. To load it to the game, you must login to your game's website and enter the serial number and PIN to your account.

If you are still facing issues, please contact the game's operator.

No. The zGold-MOLPoints must be fully credited into ONE (1) account only.

Yes, you can! Upon partial redemption of the zGold-MOLPoints PIN, the balance must be transferred into a MOL account using the same Serial Number and PIN. Remember to keep the codes safe. The balance is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. MOL will not be responsible for any value lost of the unused balance.

Partial redemption of zGold-MOLPoints PIN is currently only available on selected merchants’ sites (ask merchant for details).

Sometimes the receipt printed at certain payment outlets is ineligible for a number of reasons. Before contacting us, we have found that the most common errors can be resolved by following one of the two tips below:

We have no "i" and "o" in our PIN code
We do not have the letters "i" and "o" in our prepaid-vouchers PIN. If in doubt, replace any letter which looks like the letter "i" to the number "1" and letter "o" to the number "0" (zero).

Replace the letter "o" with "u".
Another common error is that the letter "u" looks like the letter "o". Replace the letter "o" with the letter "u".

Please check your browser's settings and temporarily enable or allow the pop-ups for www.mol.com to function properly.

MOL and Razer are entering into a strategic partnership to strengthen each other products and services. For the purpose of this strategic partnership, our MOLPoints virtual currency, will be rebranded as “zGold-MOLPoints” to align & leverage on Razer’s brand leadership in the gaming space.

zGold-MOLPoints is just the rebranding name of MOLPoints. Everything else is the same. This rebranding activities will not affect the way you buy your zGold-MOLPoints from your favorite channels and how you spend your zGold-MOLPoints on your favorite games.

In few months time, MOL users will be able to enjoy Razer zSilver currency rewards, when you top up your zGold-MOLPoints wallets or pay for your game content with zGold-MOLPoints. You can use zSilver to redeem certain Razer products and discount vouchers from Razerstore.com.

MOL will officially launch the zGold-MOLPoints rebranding on July 3, 2017. You will see a new colour design and the new zGold-MOLPoints new logo on MOL website. MOL payment channels and our game partners payment page. MOL web address will remain the same at: http://www.mol.com . The web navigation flow and content will remain the same as the old MOL website.

A verified mobile number is now necessary before you can make reload or purchase on MOL Malaysia portal. This is part of our continuous efforts to enhance your account security on MOL.

Only MOL Malaysia account is required to perform one time mobile number verification before reload and purchase. Other accounts are not required to go through mobile number verification.

Go to Edit Account Details -> Personal Information page. Then click on "Add mobile number" hyperlink and follow the instructions. We will send you a MOL Authorisation Code via SMS to verify your mobile number. Alternatively, the system will prompt you when you make your next purchase (if you don’t have a verified mobile number yet).

Mobile Verification only accept local mobile number that based on selected MOL country. E.g. For MOL Malaysia account, only Malaysian mobile number is accepted.

No. You can only use mobile number provided by a Malaysian telecommunication company.

Note: MOL Malaysia account is required to verify mobile number before reload or purchase.

There is no fee needed and changes take immediate effect once after verification is made.

MAC is a system-generated code to verify your identity on MOL portal. The code will be used to verify your mobile number and also other transactional activities. It provides an additional layer of security to protect you against unauthorised access to your MOL account.

Typically within a minute. However, the delivery time depends on the traffic volume of your mobile service provider.

No. Password is for account login and purchase confirmation whereas MAC will be used to verify your identity, whenever necessary. Consider MAC as the added security measure to prevent unauthorized access to your MOL account.

10 minutes. However, the earlier code(s) will become invalid when you request and get a new MAC.

No, you can only link one mobile number to one MOL account.

Yes, you can use the same mobile number to register any of your MOL account for total of 3 times. However, you can only change your registered number to another MOL account once a day.

Note: Mobile number verification is required for MOL Malaysia account upon changes.

Make sure that the country wallet you are using now is the country wallet you previously used to verify your phone number. Then, go to Edit Account Details -> Personal Information page. Click on REMOVE hyperlink beside the verified mobile number and follow the instruction.

If you enter an invalid MAC three times in a row, the MAC will become invalid. You need to request a new MAC.

Higher account balance limit allows you to purchase higher price range products and services that available in MOL portal.

This feature is applicable to single currency MOL account user. Select the Upgrade button at mol.com or you may go to Account Details page to fill out the information.

Valid mobile number, Identity type, First Name, Last Name, Secret question and Secret answer.

Please find new account balance limit based on your wallet region below

No. Country / Region Currency New Limit
New Limit
1 Malaysia MYR 1,500 150,000
2 Singapore SGD 400 40,000
3 Thailand THB 10,500 105,000
4 Philippines PHP 14,000 14,000
5 Vietnam VND 6,500,000 6,500,000
6 Indonesia IDR 5,000,000 50,000
7 India INR 19,000 19,000
8 Taiwan TWD 9,500 95,000
9 Brazil BRL 1,100 110,000
10 United States USD 300 30,000
11 Australia AUD 400 40,000
12 New Zealand NZD 450 45,000
13 Hong Kong HKD 2700 270,000
14 Europe EUR 300 30,000
15 Global USD 300 30,000

Immediate. Upon successful validation and processing.

Go to Settings > Account Details page at mol.com. Your account balance limit will be shown at Account Balance Limit field.

No. There is no turning back once you have choose to increase your account balance limit.

Go to Edit Account Details > Account Information page.