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HOW TO: Reload Bigo Live via zGold-MOLPoints

Step 1: Become a MOL Member

  • If you are not yet a MOL Member, register at MOL to open an account.

Step 2: To Reload zGold-MOLPoints

  • If you do not have enough zGold-MOLPoints credits, you can purchase your zGold-MOLPoints at your nearest and preferred payment channels.
  • The amount purchased will be automatically loaded into your MOL Member account.

Step 3:To Reload zGold-MOLPoints account.

  • Begin by logging into the MOL Member account.
  • Once you have purchased the zGold-MOLPoints, you will be given the zGold-MOLPoints Serial Number and PIN Number. Key in your Serial Number and PIN number into your zGold-MOLPoints Reload page of the MOL Member account and select the place that you have bought the zGold-MOLPoints.
  • Once done, click on the "Reload" button, and your zGold-MOLPoints will be transferred automatically into your MOL’s Member account page.

Step 4: To Download Bigo Live APK Version

  • Click on "Android APK" button to download Bigo Live APK with MOL Payment to enjoy seamless zGold-MOLPoints top-up experience!

Step 5: To Top Up Bigo Diamonds

  • Go to Profile page. Click on “Diamonds” to recharge.

  • Select zGold-MOLPoints Wallet as your payment option.
  • Select your desired Diamond amount.

  • Log in your zGold-MOLPoints Wallet Account.

  • Key in your password again to confirm payment.
  • Or select zGold-MOLPoints Direct Top Up as your payment option.

  • Insert the Serial Number and PIN, and click on “Continue” button to confirm your payment.

  • Now, you have completed the top up process.