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Buy Asura Force Online (Global)

A-Points 180
MOL Rewards: 0
675 MOLPoints / USD 6.75


A-Points 400
MOL Rewards: 0
1,465 MOLPoints / USD 14.65


A-Points 950
MOL Rewards: 0
3,375 MOLPoints / USD 33.75


A-Points 2200
MOL Rewards: 0
7,650 MOLPoints / USD 76.50


Asura Force Online (Global)

Game Description

Asura Force Online is a free fantasy 3D MMORPG. Featured with vivid colors, brilliant combat animations, spell effects and plenty of combat strategy, the game immerses players in the world of the splendid fantasy world. Moreover, plenty of bonus, limited-edition mounts and deluxe weapons are for you to get now. Never let Force go!


  • Force Sprite - to master powerful and gorgeous Force Sprite. Force Sprite of Dragon, Lightning, Flame, Ghost and Dark will give your enemy a real shock!
  • Force Crystal - discover mystery Force Crystal and ancient legendary Runes to strengthen your power freely.
  • Shift shape to BOSS - want to fight like a BOSS? Your dream will come true in AF Online!
  • Auto-fight and offline training will make your level-up very fast and easy.
  • Free PVP - if you like challenge, there are PK, tribe war, weekly city battles and other battles. The latest news is - Asura Force Championship is about to kick off soon! Come to challenge the elites in game!
  • Happy events & abundant rewards - in-game calendar events are around the clock, and what’s more, during festival and holiday, kinds of events will kick off to bring you fun and rich rewards!
  • Progressive Instance - instances have a new outlook with special reputation and instance team system.
  • Fashion Salon - if you like change style, go to fashion salon often!
  • To be rich - you can also become a rich man by making money from profit quests and auction!

Come and join Asura Force online world, play with worldwide friends and discover more!

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