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Buy Goodgame Empire (Global)

Payment for Goodgame Empire (Global) can be made with zGold-MOLPoints directly from the game website. Please visit the official website by clicking here.

Game Description

Goodgame Empire is a medieval fantasy game in which you must manage to your own empire as the lord of your very own castle! Here you will find anything you want to know about the gas! So far we are only adding information about the buildings and quests.

Goodgame Empire is another browser-based RTS hat newly hits the scene. It immerses players in a stylish world where knights build their castles and fight for the king. Construct buildings in the castle, set up defensive facilities, recruit commanders and army units, produce siege tools, collect taxes and generate resources to support residents and troops, attack robber baron, occupy outposts, and cope with or against other players for control of the territory – all are in Goodgame Empire.

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