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Buy Kings and Legends (SG)

Viwawa 100 + 5 Cash
MOL Rewards: 0
72 MOLPoints / USD 0.72


Viwawa 250 + 20 Cash
MOL Rewards: 0
179 MOLPoints / USD 1.79

Viwawa 500 + 50 Cash
MOL Rewards: 0
357 MOLPoints / USD 3.57

Viwawa 1000 + 200 Cash
MOL Rewards: 0
715 MOLPoints / USD 7.15

Viwawa 2000 + 500 Cash
MOL Rewards: 0
1,430 MOLPoints / USD 14.30


Game Description

Viwawa introduces Kings and Legends, a tactical trading card, turn-based strategy game where you the hero will pit his wits against opponents wielding the power to summon creatures and cast spells on the battle field.

Whether you enjoy campaigning in single player to learn more about the world og Kings and Legends, test your skills against fellow players in PvP arena or co-op with fellow heroes to participate in boss fights, there are unique game play experience for all.

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