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Buy Eclipse War Online (Global)

Payment for Eclipse War Online (Global) can be made with zGold-MOLPoints directly from the game website. Please visit the official website by clicking here.

Game Description

Eclipse War Online is a truly unique MMORPG experience. Defying traditional game features, it brings new aspects to the genre that you can only experience in EWO. The entire world comes alive at your fingertips with the revolutionary Transformation System. Any and all monsters, enemies, animals, and bosses can drop unique transformation cards, allowing the player to assume a new powerful form and adds special skills in addition to their class skills. Collect Cards, Transform, and dominate enemies in full 3d MOBA PvP complete with minions, towers, jungle and nexus!

Official website: http://eclipsewar.playrohan.com/

Login to your game account and add RPS here: https://portal.playrohan.com/Point/Add_RPs.html?type=charge

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