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Buy Shot Online (US)

GamesCampus - Campus Cash (10)
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1,000 zGold-MOLPoints / USD 10.00


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2,000 zGold-MOLPoints / USD 20.00

Game Description

Arguably more than any other sport, golf requires focus and mental stamina, and so does Shot-Online, which is a reproduction of the full experience and game of golf in full, rich 3D graphics.

Shot-Online is not just an online sports game either, but it is a highly accurate simulation and a deep role-playing experience. It is the RPG quality that makes Shot-Online the unique game it is, especially with the community interaction and the enhancement and leveling of your character. Speaking of community and role-playing, Shot-Online offers both realistic and rare items drawn from the celebrated history of golf.

Practicing every day, competing against players with different skills, allows the gamer to advance their characters abilities. Quests and item exchanging and more add to the community feel.

Shot-Online is more than a sports game, more than a simulation, and more than an RPG. Like golf itself, it is an intelligent and unique game that is more than the sum of its parts.

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