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Buy MU Ignition - Webzen (Global)

Gem 295
MOL Rewards: 0
590 zGold-MOLPoints / USD 5.90

Gem 495
MOL Rewards: 0
990 zGold-MOLPoints / USD 9.90

Gem 995
MOL Rewards: 0
1,990 zGold-MOLPoints / USD 19.90

Gem 1495
MOL Rewards: 0
2,990 zGold-MOLPoints / USD 29.90

Gem 2495
MOL Rewards: 0
4,990 zGold-MOLPoints / USD 49.90

Gem 4995
MOL Rewards: 0
9,990 zGold-MOLPoints / USD 99.90

Game Description

WEBZEN, a global developer and a publisher of free-to-play games, released a teaser for its new upcoming browser MMORPG MU Ignition which enters Beta Test on 8th January 2018. MU Ignition is a browser-based MMORPG, that opens a new chapter in MU’s story. After its releases in China, Taiwan, Vietnam and South Korea, MU IGNITION still has a considerable number of registered players, with more than 80 million players.

[Game Features]

Enter MMORPG in an instant
MU IGNITION is the official MU browser MMO. It runs on web browsers, allowing its users to enjoy this MMORPG in an instant, without downloading any client. So, you can dive in an epic fantasy world in your browser! Access with a single click, and enjoy the real-time combat with the fast-paced leveling system.

Enjoy Rich PvE & PvP contents
Players can enjoy the real-time combat with various PvE and PvP features Choose from three distinct classes and play to your liking. From becoming a friendly companion, a dignified leader, a lone wolf or an outlaw, boundless quests and lavish rewards await!

Discover the new chapter of MU
MU Ignition has already been one of the most favored Browser MMOs in many parts of the world. Now, it’s time to set your foot on the vast continent of MU.

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