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Buy Wave Game (Global)

Wave Game 210
MOL Rewards: 0
799 zGold-MOLPoints / USD 7.99


Wave Game 435
MOL Rewards: 0
1,599 zGold-MOLPoints / USD 15.99


Wave Game 1,088
MOL Rewards: 0
3,749 zGold-MOLPoints / USD 37.49


Game Description

Wave Points are the virtual currency that allows players to purchase in-game items from any games' item shops that are available from Wave Game. The following games are offered by Wave game:

Angel Love Online (ALO)
Angel Love Online is a simple 2D casual MMORPG with unique features that can be played by all ages and gender. In this game, you are an Angel that having an adventure in Eden Mainland to help solving the problem and trouble in 4 Major Kingdoms to bring Peace and Harmony.
Aside from that, the community in Angel Love Online is quite unique. Player can broadcast their own pictures and thoughts or feeling anytime instantly which will be shown to the whole players online at that time. Additionally, it also has a housing system that is cute and fun to play.

3 Kingdoms Online (3KO)
3 Kingdoms is a Historical 3D Multi MMORPG based on Ancient Chinese History. Unlike the other title, 3KO has a combination of 60% RPG, 30% simulation and 10% strategy. Player must develop fortress and try to expand territory using tactical and strategically warfare in order to achieve victory in battle.

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