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Buy EVE Online (Global)

Odyssey Minmatar Exploration Starter Pack 30 days
MOL Rewards: 0
2,000 zGold-MOLPoints / USD 20.00


EVE Online ETC 60 Days Time Card
MOL Rewards: 0
3,500 zGold-MOLPoints / USD 35.00


Game Description

Eve Online is a sci-fi MMO and is one of the Top MMORPGsas ranked by GameOgre.com and one of the Top Online Games as rated by Game Ogre review members. Instead of going the EverQuest route or even the EverQuest in space route, Eve Online allows you to pilot your own spaceship in a dynamic sci-fi world.

The game consists of thousands of solar systems. Some of these solar systems are settled and some are not. Think of it as the old wild west in space where some areas were wild and not claimed yet. In this vast universe you can make money by trading, mining, recycling debris, or transporting goods. These activities allow you to upgrade your ship for more legal money making activities or more dangerous ones such as being a pirate or a bounty hunter.

One of the most high profile and controversial examples of the considerable freedom in Eve Online occurred in early 2005 when contract killers infiltrated a major corporation and swiped billions of the game's currency. Yes, definitely beats killing a rat for the millionth time!

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