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Buy 3 Kingdoms Online (ID)

Wave Game 210
MOL Rewards: 0
799 zGold-MOLPoints / USD 7.99


Wave Game 435
MOL Rewards: 0
1,599 zGold-MOLPoints / USD 15.99


Wave Game 1,088
MOL Rewards: 0
3,749 zGold-MOLPoints / USD 37.49


Game Description

Kingdom Heroes (3 Kingdoms) Online Indonesia is a Historical 3D Multi MMORPG based on Ancient Chinese History. Unlike the other title, 3KO has a combination of 60% RPG, 30% simulation and 10% strategy.

  1. New 3D Engine
    With the latest 3D engine from Big World Australia, unique landscape and culture of China plains are clearly illustrated.
  2. Colossal Battle
    The first massive battle with +/- 1000 people joined at once. A player can carry up to six troops. An extraordinary battle that is different from other MMORPG games.
  3. Naval Battle + Siege Engine
    For the first time in Indonesia, players will perform and enjoy the battle over the sea. Besides carrying troops, each ship can also carry instruments of war (ballista, catapult) which can greatly destroy enemies' ships
  4. Unite China
    In accordance with the history of China, players must collaborate with others to win or to survive. Here, players will have to use TACTICS, STRATEGY, POLITICAL, and CHARISMA. This game simulates the real war at that time.
  5. Auto Battle
    A special feature in this game which players don't have to spend most of their time in front of the computer; however, they still can make their character strong enough to join the war. Auto Battle system (a system which only exists in the modern game) is intended for those who are working or those who have many other activities.

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