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Buy Boyaa Texas Poker (TW)

Payment for Boyaa Texas Poker (TW) can be made with zGold-MOLPoints directly from the game website. Please visit the official website by clicking here.

Game Description

This poker is easy to learn but difficult to master. In the past 30 years, Texas Poker has been popular around the world, especially among the poker-lovers. Until now, poker lovers are chasing to win the gold medal of World Poker Games, which is the top-lever honor. No matter you are an old hand or a newbie, Texas Poker prepared one seat for you! In this game, there is a large social network. You can find your buddies, send gifts, use magic emoticons, check the ranking lists, and so on.


德州扑克一共有52张扑克牌,没有王牌。每个玩家分两张牌作为"底牌",五张由荷官陆续朝上发出的公共牌。在牌局开始的时候,每个玩家都会发得两张面朝下的底牌。在经过所有的押注圈以后,若仍不能分出胜负,游戏则会进入"摊牌"阶段,也就是让所剩的玩家亮出各自的底牌以较高下,持大牌者获胜。 德州扑克是一种技巧性非常强的扑克游戏,有一定的运气成分,但玩家之间主要还是要靠斗智力、耍手腕、动脑筋。其规则非常简单,比较容易掌握,但是要达到精通的境界却有一定的难度。想要成为一个成功的德州扑克玩家,不仅要掌握基本的攻守策略,还要能认清对手的各种玩牌伎俩,根据不同的对手,采取不同的策略,只有知己知彼,才能百战百胜。长远来讲,玩德州扑克就像进行一场马拉松比赛,谁更有耐心技术水平高谁就会赢,不像赌场其他的游戏,赢钱主要是靠运气。

德州扑克 (中文版)

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