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Buy Batheo (Global)

Payment for Batheo (Global) can be made with MOLPoints directly from the game website. Please visit the official website by clicking here.

Game Description

Map-based Narrative is one of Batheo�s original designs in which gamers need to accomplish all the challenges from one particular Map before moving to the next. Every map contains an array of legendary NPC heroes that have to be defeated in pre-set orders so that gamers can strengthen their characters during the narrative, and prepare themselves for tougher challenges waiting in subsequent Maps. It also allows gamers to recruit these heroes after defeating them, and offers Laurels as battle rewards which can later be used in upgrading Technology and your hero rank. Batheo offers 8 historical formations (Testudo, Lochoi, Crescent, etc.) for you to choose from with each having its own pros and cons.

Gamers have to strategically deploy troop units taking different roles in a particular formation as 'massive flesh shield', damage dealer, inspirationer or healer to optimize its performance in battle. Judge the hour and size up the situation in battles, choose the right formation is the key to victory, especially when you are faced with enemies that outrank your troops.

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