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Buy 9 Dragons (US)

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1,000 MOLPoints / USD 10.00


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Game Description

9Dragons is a martial arts themed MMORPG, set in ancient China. The game contains hardcore PvP features like duels, RVR battles and PvP servers, as well as hundreds of weapons, clothes and other items for the players to customize their characters with.

Inspired by the Chinese Wuxia literature about the quests and adventures of chivalrous heroes in ancient China, 9Dragons puts the players in a world of martial arts and powerful mind-bending techniques with fantastic animations and an exciting storyline. The players take part in the battle between the White Clans that are loyal to the Imperial Emperor and the evil Black Clans with their perverted fighting styles. All players start as vagabonds where they can learn some basic Kung Fu and meditation skills. When they reach a certain skill level they can choose to become a disciple of one of the 6 clans to learn more powerful fighting techniques or to stay an unaffiliated vagabond. Each clan is located in a different area and has its unique philosophy, appearance and fighting style. The white Clans are Shaolin, Wu-Tang and The League of Beggars, the opposing black Clans are Sacred Flower, The Brotherhood of Thieves and Heavenly Demon. Each clan has its own rules for admission, for example the Shaolin only except male disciples that reached level 5.

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