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Buy Gunbound Season 2 (Global)

Softnyx Cash 3,000
MOL Rewards: 0
300 MOLPoints / USD 3.00

Softnyx Cash 5,000
MOL Rewards: 0
500 MOLPoints / USD 5.00

Softnyx Cash 10,000
MOL Rewards: 0
1,000 MOLPoints / USD 10.00

Softnyx Cash 20,000
MOL Rewards: 0
2,000 MOLPoints / USD 20.00

Softnyx Cash 30,000
MOL Rewards: 0
3,000 MOLPoints / USD 30.00


Softnyx Cash 40,000
MOL Rewards: 0
4,000 MOLPoints / USD 40.00


Gunbound Season 2 (Global)

Game Description


A turn-based online game that you can either shoot or hide by burying yourself inside the ground, like a bunker.

Choose over hundreds of avatar and any mobile you want. If that's not enought, dress your avatar in any fashion you like and start the war!

When you win, you may get bonus points, allowing you buy better armor and etc. Remember, winning is important, but you must also please the crowds, so dressing well also helps you are more money - naughty players might win, but this does not mean they will get a lot of points!

With a graphic engine that combines both 2D and 3D graphics, expect a whole alot of fun and mayhem in this online game!

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