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How to Reload via Western Union – Powered by Rixty

MOL Members can reload zGold-MOLPoints at Western Union branches.

How can I pay at Western Union?
You can purchase zGold-MOLPoints by printing a Rixty payslip at home, and then visiting a participating Western Union branch to make payment in cash. All or part of the retail service fee charged by Western Union is automatically refunded into your Rixty account by Rixty.

The process is straightforward:

  1. Choose to buy zGold-MOLPoints with Rixty, and select Western Union on the first screen.
  2. Print the Western Union payslip on your home printer, or write down your unique Account Number.
  3. Bring the payslip or Account Number number to a Western Union branch and fill out a Quick Collect® form (in USA) or Quick Pay® form (outside USA).
  4. Hand it to the cashier, along with any amount between $2 and $999. Keep your receipt.
  5. The amount will be instantly added to your Rixty account.
  6. Return to MOL and choose to buy zGold-MOLPoints with Rixty. Login to your Rixty account when requested.

Where can I find participating Western Union locations?

When printing your payslip, you'll have the option of searching for Western Union branches. Or to find a location independent of checkout, simply enter your enter a Postal Code or City at http://local.westernunion.com/locator/.


  • This service is intended for MOL Members located in the United States, although any Rixty account worldwide can be used.
  • The amount of zGold-MOLPoints reloaded is US$0.01 = 1 MOLPoint.
Important note: Please disable your popup blocker on your Internet Explorer.

Step By Step Guide for Reloading zGold-MOLPoints with Western Union


Log into your MOL account.


From "My Member Page", click Western Union under the zGold-MOLPoints Reloads section. A popup window will appear.

STEP 3: Enter the Amount

Select the amount that you wish to reload from the dropdown box. Click on the "Submit" button"

STEP 4: Confirm your Purchase

Double check the transaction and click on "Proceed" to continue.

STEP 5: Find a Location or Redeem Code

A new popup will appear. Click "Western Union", print your payslip, and click "Find a Western Union location". Proceed to the branch with your payslip and the appropriate amount of cash.

STEP 6: Login to Rixty

Once you have paid at the branch, return and complete your purchase of zGold-MOLPoints. Login to your Rixty account when asked.

STEP 7: Complete the Transaction

Confirm your purchase by clicking on the "Complete Purchase" button.

STEP 8: Success!

You just purchased your desired zGold-MOLPoints using Western Union.

The transaction information will be displayed. You can proceed by clicking on "Close" to close the window.