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Where To Get MOLPoints Via PayPal And How To Reload

Where can I use PayPal?
You can use your PayPal account worldwide. Click HERE to find out where you can upload funds into your PayPal Account.

Please note:

  • This service is strictly for MOL Members located outside of Malaysia.
  • Should PayPal impose a fee for using their service, this fee shall be borne by the MOL Member.
  • The amount of MOLPoints reloaded is USD0.01 = 1 MOLPoints.
  • If you are using the eCheck as the payment method to fund your PayPal transaction, please allow 3 to 9 working days for your eCheck to be cleared. Once your payment has been cleared, your purchased MOLPoints will be accredited into your account. For more information on eCheck, click HERE.
Important note: Please disable your popup blocker on your Internet Explorer.

Step By Step Guide On Transferring Money With PayPal


Login to your MOLPoints account by entering your username and password. If you do not have a MOLPoints account, please click here to register.


Once you've logged in, you will be at the "My Member Page". Scroll down and look for PayPal under the Payment Channels section on your left panel then click on the "Reload Now" button.


You will see a message notification. Click "Proceed" to continue.


Enter the amount you wish to reload (which will be converted into the equivalent amount in MOLPoints) and click "Submit".


You will be directed to the confirmation page. Click "Checkout with PayPal" to proceed or close the window to cancel the transaction and exit.


Select a payment option from either PayPal account balance or Credit Card.

  • If you choose PayPal account as your payment option, enter your PayPal login information with the password and click "Login" to proceed.
    Note: This is your login info for your PayPal account.
  • If you choose Credit Card as your payment option, enter your information and click "Continue" to proceed.


Review your information and ensure your order summary is correct. Then, click "Continue" to proceed.


A transaction confirmation page will appear detailing the transaction information. Click "Confirm" to proceed.


Congratulation! You have completed the transaction.

  • You can print the MOLPoints receipt, or click "Close" to return to www.MOL.com.
  • Press F5 to refresh your browser to see if the MOLPoints reloaded into your MOL Member account.

* You will receive a receipt sent to your email.