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Buy Vibrant Money (IN) Cash
Vibrant Money (5) - USD5.00
Rewards: 625
Vibrant Money (10) - USD10.00
Rewards: 1250
Vibrant Money (30) - USD30.00
Rewards: 3750
Game Description

Vibrant Money uses your PC and mobile phone like an ATM to securely reload your account balance directly from your checking account, debit card or credit card. The Vibrant Money in your Vibrant ID account lets you make one-click secure purchase transactions across multiple websites and directly with your mobile phone.

Purchase, transfer, earn, win, donate Vibrant Money and with your mobile phone and a Vibrant ID, everywhere you go becomes a one-click point of purchase. Vibrant ID and Vibrant Money soon also can be used across multiple websites and will provide single sign-on access to thousands of leading websites and mobile portals such as Yahoo.

Use your MOLPoints in exchange with Vibrant Money to purchase premium items with the Supreme Destiny MMOG ( and to purchase great mobile products such as mobile games, ring tones, and wallpapers at Vibrant Games (


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