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Rewards: 3031
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Rewards: 6061
XiXi 3000 Points - USD90.92
Rewards: 9092
XiXi 5000 Points - USD151.53
Rewards: 15153
Game Description

XiXiGames is an up-and-coming browser-based online gaming platform developed specifically with Southeast Asian gamers in mind. We currently offer dual-language (English and Chinese) support for the hit MMORPGs Seal of Magic Crystal andImperial Warfare, the farming MMO Manor Bay, the North American dance MMO ShowUp, and a variety of other quality titles for female and male, young and old, casual and hardcore gamers alike. Our primary mission is to increase the visibility and status of online gaming in Southeast Asia by alighting gaming passions the world over! For more information, please check out our website at

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