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Buy Viwawa (SG) Cash
Viwawa 100 + 5 Cash - USD0.82
Rewards: 102
Viwawa 250 + 20 Cash - USD2.05
Rewards: 256
Viwawa 500 + 50 Cash - USD4.09
Rewards: 511
Viwawa 1000 + 200 Cash - USD8.18
Rewards: 1023
Viwawa 2000 + 500 Cash - USD16.37
Rewards: 2046
Viwawa Superfriends (6 months) - USD24.55
Rewards: 3068
Viwawa Superfriends (12 months) - USD49.10
Rewards: 6137
Game Description

Viwawa is the new playground to chat and play popular all-time-favourites with your buddies online!

Lunch time and quick breaks will never be the same again! Check out these quick games! All are Free-to-Play!

Watch your stickman come alive and fight its way up to become the Ultimate Champion. Win the fight to get cash and gold!

Mahjong Online in Viwawa style. Check out the cool graphics and prompts.

Big 2.5
The real Big 2 Poker Card Game made Viwawa style. Also called "Da Lao Er" in mandarin.

Match it!
The best memory wins! Let's see who can make the most match.

If you have more time to spare, play Chess in Check mate! Simply adorable wawas are there to cheer you on.

Take command of your army and lead your army to triumphant glory.

Sudoku on steroids, outscore your opponents with analytical skills and quick thinking.

Setup your own sushi stall to master the Japanese culinary art of sushi.

Zany Bridge
Another fun-filled spin by Viwawa on the all-time favorite intellectual card game of Bridge.

Wahlords is our very first battle strategy game. It is a battle of wit, luck, and loads of fun to become the ultimate WAHLORD!

Be in control of your tanks and be challenged by speed, reflexes and mathematical mastery.

Dynasty Chess
The war between Chu and Han has begun. The strategic game of Chinese Chess now wages war on the grounds of Viwawa!

Groword is a puzzle game of forming words given letters on a board.

Harvest Time
Adapted from the popular Chinese Game Dou Di Zhu, use your wits and good strategies to defeat your opponents.


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