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XiXi 50 Points - USD1.52
Rewards: 152
EaglePoints (MY) 200 - USD3.04
Rewards: 304
XiXi 100 Points - USD3.04
Rewards: 304
EaglePoints (MY) 400 - USD6.08
Rewards: 608
XiXi 200 Points - USD6.08
Rewards: 608
EaglePoints (MY) 1000 - USD15.20
Rewards: 1520
XiXi 500 Points - USD15.20
Rewards: 1520
EaglePoints (MY) 2000 - USD30.41
Rewards: 3041
XiXi 1000 Points - USD30.41
Rewards: 3041
XiXi 2000 Points - USD60.82
Rewards: 6082
XiXi 3000 Points - USD91.22
Rewards: 9122
XiXi 5000 Points - USD152.04
Rewards: 15204
Game Description

Someone once said that dancing is like dreaming with your feet... and in HighStreet 5 there are only dreamers. The people of HighStreet 5 search for self-expression, exploring themselves in fashion and friends. It's a world of dreamers. Welcome to HighStreet 5.

HighStreet 5 is a social online dance game that does away with the normal cartoony graphical style of older dance games and replaces it with a unique, modern and realistic visual style set in a beautifully crafted contemporary virtual city. Every player creates a unique character to make their ways in this city where dance and music weave together.

Dress your character up in fashion to be cool, sexy, smart or goofy - anything that you want. You can go to the mall in the game to purchase a large selection of clothing wear including clothes, hats, dresses, bracelets, mecha armor, bunny suits and more! Choose the clothes that best suit your mood and dance style and express your personality!

Dance by yourself, with a loved one or with a group of friends in our various dance modes! Each mode offers a new way of playing the game that keeps it fresh and exciting. The extensive Friend System in the game is highly user-friendly and will help you to build friendships, families and teams, as well as help get your friends out together for a dance!


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