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Rewards Programme
What is MOL Rewards Programme?
The Rewards Programme is designed to reward you for every purchase you make on MOL. After every purchase you will be get Rewards, which you can save up to redeem some awesome items.

How do I accumulate Rewards?
You accumulate Rewards when you purchase product(s) from MOL portal. Your earned Rewards depend on the product and denomination purchased.

What can I redeem with Rewards?
Check out the complete list of prizes on offer here link.

How do I redeem prizes with Rewards?
Simply log in to your MOL Member Account page and click on the Redemption Button. This will take you to the Redemption Page where you can choose a prize to redeem.

If the prize you choose to redeem is a physical product, the item will be delivered to your address registered in your MOL Account.

Items To Redeem

Item Code: VI001
1000 MOLPoints

Rewards: 100000

Item Code: VI002
2000 MOLPoints

Rewards: 200000

Item Code: VI003
5000 MOLPoints

Rewards: 500000

Item Code: VI004
500 MOLPoints

Rewards: 50000