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Where To Get MOLPoints Via Gudang Voucher And How To Reload

MOL Members can reload MOLPoints via GudangVoucher up to a maximum of USD125 balance per MOL Member Account at any one point in time.

Where can I use GudangVoucher?
You can use your GudangVoucher account in Indonesia. Click HERE to find out on how you can upload funds into your GudangVoucher Account.

Please note:

  • This service is strictly for MOL Members located outside of Malaysia.
  • The Maximum Reload is USD125.
  • The maximum amount that you can have in your MOL Member account at any one time is USD125.
  • The amount of MOLPoints reloaded is USD0.01 = 1 MOLPoints.
Important note: Please disable your popup blocker on your Internet Explorer.
Step By Step Guide On Purchasing Gudang Voucher


Visit and login to your GudangVoucher member account.


Click on “Konfirmasi Transfer” to transfer money to your GudangVoucher account via bank transfer online (internet banking, ATM, SMS) or credit card.


Select the bank that you want to use for transfer. Click “Lanjutkan” to proceed.


Detail transfer form will appear in your confirmation page.

  • Fill in your name or bank account number as required (the data should be match with your data in your bank account).
  • Type the amount of cash that you have transferred in the field as provided.
  • Type your confirmation code (kode konfirmasi).
  • Click on “Periksa Transfer” to proceed.


Once your transaction has been confirmed, the details of your transaction will be displayed.

STEP 5a:

Your GudangVoucher account will be accredited with the amount that you’ve made.


  • Click Purchase button in the menu.
  • Select “Voucher E-Commerce” under the voucher category as appear in the pull down menu.
  • Select MOLPoints in the next pull down menu.


Select the desired denomination of the MOLPoints you would like to purchase. Click Beli (buy).


Select the total amount of MOLPoints of the selected denomination you wish to purchase. Click “Beli” to proceed.


Confirm the transaction details listed. Click “Checkout” to proceed.

STEP 10:

Your transaction details will be displayed.

STEP 11:

Visit and login to your MOL Member account by keying in your username and password. If you do not have an existing MOL Member account please click here to register.

STEP 12:

Once you’ve logged into the “My Member Page”, click on “GudangVoucher” under the MOLPoints Reloads section.

STEP 13:

You will have the option to reload your own MOL Member account or the account of another MOL Member. If you wish to reload your friend’s or a third parties’ account, you will need to know their correct MOL Member username.

STEP 13a:

To reload your own account, select “Own Account” and enter the serial number and PIN on your GudangVoucher coupon. Click the reload button to complete the transaction.

STEP 13b:

To reload another MOL Member’s account, select “Friend’s Account/ Third Party”, key in a valid MOL Member username, the serial number and PIN as shown on the GudangVoucher coupon. Be sure to check the MOL Member username to ensure it is correct, as submitted and processed reloads cannot be reversed. Click the reload button to complete the transaction.