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How to reload MOLPoints using Indosat M2’s i-Pay payment service:

MOL Members in Indonesia can now reload MOLPoints by using Indosat IM2’s i-Pay electronic payment service to a maximum of USD125 balance per MOL Member Account at any one point in time. To find out more information about i-Pay service, please visit

Please note:

  • This service is strictly for MOL members who are residing in Indonesia
  • The Maximum Reload is USD125.
  • The maximum amount that you can have in your MOL Member account at any one time is USD125.
  • The amount of MOLPoints reloaded is USD0.01 = 1 MOLPoints.
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Step by step guide on reloading your MOLPoints via i-Pay service.


To top-up your MOLPoints using i-Pay service, you must first register a free account at i-Pay_website


Once you complete your registration at i-Pay website, you can top-up your i-Pay account by using your Indosat Voucher, IM2 Voucher, SMS Bank Mandiri and few other methods. Please visit this i-Pay_website for more detail top-up information


Once you have top-up your i-Pay wallet, you could purchase MOLPoints in the denomination of your choice (Rp 25,000 , Rp 50,000 and Rp 100,000). Once you completed the transaction, your MOLPoints Reload Serial Number and PIN Number will be displayed on the website.


Log-in to your MOL account


From “My Member Page”, click i-Pay under the MOLPoints Reloads section.



You will have the option to reload your own MOL Member account or the account of another MOL Member. If you wish to reload your friend’s or a third parties’ account, you will need to know their correct MOL Member username.


To reload your own account, select “Own Account” and enter the serial number and PIN that you received from your i-Pay website. Click the reload button to complete the transaction.

STEP 6b:

To reload another MOL Member’s account, select “Friend’s Account/ Third Party”, key in a valid MOL Member username, the serial number and PIN that you received from i-Pay website. Be sure to check the MOL Member username to ensure it is correct, as submitted and processed reloads cannot be reversed. Click the reload button to complete the transaction.