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How To Reload Via Ukash

MOL Members can reload MOLPoints via Ukash up to a maximum of USD $125 balance per MOL Member Account at any one point in time.

Where can I use Ukash?
You can use your Ukash worldwide. Click HERE to find out where you can get Ukash by selecting the country you are in.

Please note:

  • This service is strictly for MOL Members located worldwide.
  • CashU will impose a fee for using their service. This fee shall be borne by the MOL Member.
  • The Maximum Reload is USD125.
  • The maximum amount that you can have in your MOL Member account at any one time is USD $125.
  • The amount of MOLPoints reloaded is USD 0.01 = 1 MOLPoints.
Important note: Please disable your popup blocker on your Internet Explorer.
Step By Step Guide On Transferring Money With Ukash


Log into your MOL account.


From “My Member Page”, click Ukash under the MOLPoints Reloads section. A popup window will appear.


Enter the Ukash voucher number and Select either “Full” or “Partial” voucher redemption. If you selected ‘Partial” redemption, enter the amount that you wish to reload.

Click on the “Submit” button. The minimum amount is US $10.00.



Double check the transaction and approve your MOLPoints redemption from your Ukash Voucher


Success! You’ve just purchased your desired product using MOLPoints.

The transaction information will be displayed. You can proceed by clicking on “Close” to close the window.