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Buy Blackshot (SEA) Cash
Garena Shell 100 - Rs. 128.00
Rewards: 197
Garena Shell 500 - Rs. 638.00
Rewards: 986
Garena Shell 725 - Rs. 911.00
Rewards: 1409
Garena Shell 2000 - Rs. 2551.00
Rewards: 3945
Garena Shell 3000 - Rs. 3826.00
Rewards: 5918
Game Description

Blackshot is a fast paced 3D tactical MMOFPS game. The game is set somewhere in the year 2033 after an apocalyptic nuclear war besieged the entire world. Like other MMOFPS games, gamers can play online in numerous game modes and maps. Defeat enemies, earn money and reach the game’s highest rank of 'Commander in Chief'.


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