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Buy Super Junior SHAKE (Global) Cash
SuJu SHAKE - 20 Cards + 40 Decks Package - Rs. 350.00
Rewards: 601
SuJu SHAKE - 10 Songs + 50 Cards + 80 Decks Package - Rs. 583.00
Rewards: 1002
Game Description

Tap & Shake to the music!
Super Junior SHAKE offers traditional "TAP" style of gameplay as well as a new "SHAKE-WHEEL" mode, using a seamless-gesture technology developed by dooub. The "SHAKE-WHEEL" mode will make you feel like a DJ scratching the turntable!

Introducing Card Deck System!
Super Junior SHAKE rewards you cards when you complete a game, which include unreleased pictures of Super Junior. These cards can be collected, combined to get a new card, or they can be used in game like an item and receive higher scores!


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