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Bunny Point 1000 - Rs. 184.00
Rewards: 312
Bunny Point 3000 - Rs. 550.00
Rewards: 938
Bunny Point 5000 - Rs. 916.00
Rewards: 1563
Bunny Point 10000 - Rs. 1832.00
Rewards: 3126
Bunny Point 50000 - Rs. 9158.00
Rewards: 15633
Game Description

GamBunny Sdn Bhd (GamBunny) a corporation established in Malaysia, is a newly setup marketing and service provider for online entertainment (Online Game) in Southeast Asia. This region has the highest growth rate of internet users in the world and the greatest potential user base. The borderless nature of the online game market requires a global service network to truly capture the potential of the market. We have developed a business concept starting from Malaysia that it plans to take to the international market.

Through the establishment of its brand name "GamBunny", GamBunny's mission is to extend that brand recognition and its business model into the rest of South East Asia Countries. The team behind the brings a wealth of experience publishing online game titles in Malaysia, Singapore and also other parts of South East Asia. GamBunny's vision is to publish world-class game, at the same time maintain strong community and social network among players.

The portal provides complete fun and entertaining online games for everyone and it contain games that are FREE to play and FREE registration. games categorized into 3 categories MMORPG, Web Game, Casual Game.


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