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Game Description

Rummy is a turn based card game which can be played between two or more players using a single or multiple decks. Each player is dealt 13 cards and the objective of the game is to ensure that each of the 13 cards is part of a set or a sequence.

While the 13 cards need to be part of a set or sequence, it must also be ensured that there are at least two sequences, one of which has to be a pure sequence (without joker). The first player to meet the objective is declared the winner of the game.

A set consists of three or more cards of the same face value (3, 3, 3♠) while a sequence is a run of three or more cards of the same suit (3♣ ,4♣, 5♣, 6♣).

Rummy is a game of skill and it is absolutely legal to play Rummy for money in India. On, you can play rummy and win cash prizes. We offer fast and guaranteed payouts.

How to Play

  • The game starts when 13 cards are dealt to each player. The remaining cards form the closed deck with the top card of the closed deck is opened to form the open deck.
  • During their turn, players should pick a card either from the open deck or the closed deck.
  • The turn ends when the player discards a card into the open deck.
  • The game continues as mentioned above until a player discards a card in the finish slot to indicate that he has met the objective of the game.
  • If the declaration is correct, the game ends and the player is who discarded in the finish slot is the winner.
  • RummyCircle offers the 13 Card Indian Rummy game in three exciting formats, namely:
    • Points Rummy
    • Pool Rummy
    • Tournaments

Points Rummy: In Points Rummy, between two and six players play for points which have a pre-decided rupee-value. The player who finishes the game wins money basis the arrangement below:

Winnings = (Sum of all points that opponents get) x (Rupee value of each point) – fees.

In this format of the game, two or more decks are used. The game is played on multiplayer tables with numbered and printed jokers.

Pool Rummy: In Pool Rummy, between two and six players pay a fixed entry fee which forms the prize pool. Winner of every deal gets 0 points and the rest accumulate points which are added to their score. A player is eliminated once their score reaches the maximum limit of points on the table eg: 101 Points Pool or 201 Points Pool.

Winnings = (Entry Fee) X (Number of Players) - fees.

In this format of the game, two or more decks are used. The game is played on multiplayer tables with numbered and printed jokers.

Tournaments: In a tournament offered on RummyCircle, players pay an entry fee upfront and a prize pool is created. There are multiple rounds of two player (one on one) rummy games played based on number of players who join the tournament. Every round sees knock-out style elimination and the tournament progresses through to the final round until a single winner emerges.

Winning Pool = (Entry fee x Count of Players) – fees

Winning Pool can be won by a single player or multiple players depending on the pre-defined prize distribution structure for each tournament.

In this format of the game, a single deck of cards is used. The game is played on two player tables with numbered jokers.

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