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Buy Garena (Global) Cash
Garena Shell 100 - Rs. 128.00
Rewards: 197
Garena Shell 500 - Rs. 638.00
Rewards: 989
Garena Shell 725 - Rs. 911.00
Rewards: 1413
Garena Shell 2000 - Rs. 2551.00
Rewards: 3956
Garena Shell 3000 - Rs. 3826.00
Rewards: 5934
Game Description

Garena is a FREE downloadable software provided by Ocean Global Holding. Garena, short for Global Arena, is a multifunction platform that allows gamers to chat, challenge opponents, and play their favorite games online with millions of gamers world-wide.

The latest version of Garena can support the following games: Warcraft 3 : The Frozen Throne, Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare, Counter Strike 1.6, Counter Strike: Source, Starcraft 2, Dawn of War, and Quake 4.

Garena will be supporting more games in the coming versions.

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