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Buy Cubizone (MY) Cash
Cubicard (MY) 100 Cubits - MYR10.00
Rewards: 254
Cubicard (MY) 200 Cubits - MYR20.00
Rewards: 508
Cubicard (MY) 400 Cubits - MYR40.00
Rewards: 1017
Cubicard (MY) 1000 Cubits - MYR100.00
Rewards: 2544
Cubicard (MY) 2000 Cubits - MYR200.00
Rewards: 5088
Game Description

Level up your game play with Cubicard!

Use MOLPoints to buy CubiCard. These game cards can be used for several participating in-game currency to buy the items you want. Access these participating games through Cubizone or directly in these game sites.


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