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Buy MapleStory (SEA) Cash
@Cash 5,000 - MYR12.50
Rewards: 339
@Cash 10,000 - MYR25.00
Rewards: 679
@Cash 20,000 - MYR50.00
Rewards: 1358
@Cash 30,000 - MYR75.00
Rewards: 2037
@Cash 50,000 - MYR125.00
Rewards: 3395
@Cash 80,000 - MYR200.00
Rewards: 5433
@Cash 100,000 - MYR250.00
Rewards: 6791
@Cash 200,000 - MYR500.00
Rewards: 13582
Game Description

MapleSEA is the localized version of MapleStory, the revolutionary multiuser online game, for Singapore and Malaysia. The world's first side-scrolling 2D online game, MapleStory offers cute, adorable avatars, a huge variety of items and cool-looking maps for a highly immersive and dazzling gaming experience. Imagine journeying through a beautiful sunset and birds sailing through the sky that gives a lively game environment. MapleSEA offers item hunts and team-based quests, which allow players to work in a team or explore the MapleSEA world by themselves. Come join and explore the wonders and beauty in MapleSEA!


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