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HOW TO: Buy Viwawa Superfriends Subscription PIN with MOLPoints

Step 1:Become a MOL Member

  • If you are not yet a MOL Member, register at MOL Malaysia.

Step 2:Get your MOLPoints

  • If you have not enough MOLPoints credits, purchase your MOLPoints at your nearest and preferred payment channel.
  • The amount purchased will be automatically loaded into your MOL Member account.

Step 3:Reload your MOLPoints account.

  • Login to MOL Malaysia.
  • If you are given a MOLPoints Serial Number and Pin Number, login into your MOL Member account and select the place that you're bought it from located under the "MOLPoints Reload".
  • Key in your MOLPoints Serial Number and Pin Number.
  • Press the "Reload" button, your MOLPoints will be transferred into your MOL Member account.

Step 4: Purchase Viwawa Superfriends Subscription PIN

  • At, select "Viwawa" from the menu.
  • Select your desired denomination.
  • You will be prompted to logon to your MOL account.(Note: Make sure you have sufficient MOLPoints in your account).
  • Click on the "Continue" button.
  • You will see a pre-approved page with information on the products and services you are purchasing.
  • Click "Process Order" and wait a few seconds.
  • Your Viwawa Superfriends Subscription PIN and Code will be shown on the PC screen.
  • Your receipt together with the Viwawa Superfriends Subscription PIN and key code is send to your e-mail account.

Step 5:Activate your Viwawa Superfriends Subscription

  • Go to,
  • Don’t forget to login.
  • Look for the E-pin form on the page with "Redeem Subscription" button.
  • Key in the Subscription PIN that you received in step 4.
  • You should see a confirmation message that your Viwawa Superfriends Subscription has been activated.