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Where To Get MOLPoints Via Maybank2U And How To Reload

Dear MOL Members, our new Maybank2U system will allow you to reload MOLPoints instantly. It is recommended that all MOL Members migrate from the previous method of Maybank2U reload to this current instantaneous and hassle free method.

  • You must have a Maybank2U account and a TAC Number in order to use this system
  • Minimum Reload is RM20.00 and maximum is RM500.00.
  • The maximum amount that you can have in your MOL Member account at any one time is RM500.00
Important note: Please disable your popup blocker on your Internet Explorer.
Step By Step Guide To Reload MOLPoints VIA Maybank2U


Visit and login to your MOL Member account by keying in your username and password. If you do not have an existing MOL Member account please click here to register.


Once you’ve logged into the “My Member Page”, click Maybank2U under the MOLPoints Reloads section.


Key in the amount that you wish to reload and click on the “Reload” button.

  1. The amount that you wish to reload.
  2. The system will display the amount in MOLPoints.
  3. Click “Reload” to proceed or close the window to cancel the transaction and exit.


  1. Key in your Maybank2U username
  2. Key in your Maybank2U password.
  3. Click “Login” to proceed.
    Note: This is the username and password of your Maybank2U Internet banking account.



  • Details of the transaction will be displayed.
  • Click on “Continue” to proceed.
  • For the following step, you will be asked for TAC number. Kindly refer to the corresponding guide.



  • Key in your TAC number and click “ Confirm” button

(Please note that the TAC is only valid when requested upon logon to and will expire each time they logout (per single session).


  • Your transaction is successful
  • You can print the MOLPoints receipt, or click close to return to
  • Click Logout to logout from Maybank2U
  • Press F5 to refresh your browser to see the MOLPoints reloaded into your MOL Member account.