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The EON Bank Group MOL Freedom MasterCard Unembossed Card

The EON Bank Group MOL Freedom MasterCard Unembossed Card is a co-branded card by MOL AccessPortal Sdn Bhd and issued by EON Bank Group.
While it retains all the characteristics of a conventional credit card, MOL AccessPortal Sdn Bhd has enhanced it further with numerous unique features and benefits.

Anyone with a MyKAD (Malaysians) or a Passport and a valid address in Malaysia aged 12 and above are eligible for the MOL Freedom with guaranteed approval. Now, everyone can have the freedom to transact with the same recognition and privileges as afforded to credit card holders and no longer be restricted by age or status.


MOL Freedom Features, Functions and Benefits

MOL Freedom was designed with you in mind, allowing you to

  • Able to Transact over the Internet
  • Guaranteed Approval
  • 12 Years Old & Above
  • Accepted Worldwide
  • Support ATM withdrawals in and out of Malaysia
  • 24-Hour Customer Service
  • Zero lost card liability upon written notification

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