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What is MOL?
What is GamesHive?
What is MOLPoints?
Why should I use MOLPoints?
Where can I purchase MOLPoints?
How do I register for a MOL Member account?
I forgot my password, help!
How do I reload my account with MOLPoints?
How do I buy products from
How long do I have to wait before I get the product or service?
I did not receive my serial number and PIN via email. Please help me!
How do I prevent the MOLPoints Transaction Confirmation Email from being filtered as spam?
My browser/computer crashed after I submitted my order / I lost the product's PIN and serial number, how do I retrieve my order's PIN and serial number?
The product's serial number and PIN I purchased can't be used, what should I do?
I've successfully purchased a game product via MOLPoints but my game account has not been updated, what should I do?
Can I reload my MOLPoints into TWO (2) accounts?
Can I reload MOLPoints to a friend's or a third-party account?
I purchased a MOLPoints reload coupon from 7-Eleven, Petrol Station, E-Pay terminals, etc but the coupon is invalid. What do I do?
Help my pop-ups are disabled! I can’t see the pop-up screen.